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At Screenfluence, we take great pride in knowing that we provide Canadian business owners with the ability to significantly grow the success of their companies.

As we embark on 2018, it is not lost on us that we are living in a digital age. It is this understanding that has helped us to be so successful in our clients get to the next level. Digital signage, we’re quite confident to say, is the way of the future!

Screenfluence provides business owners with the ability to remotely manage and showcase their digital content on any display. In other words, we turn televisions into incredible customer-engaging information centres. At least, that’s one way of putting it. We work with all types of businesses who now enjoy the ability to easily change information on their in-store screens to meet company needs and enhance customer experiences.

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Digital signage benefits retailers.

Retailers often use digital signage to vividly display their latest marketing campaigns, highlighting their newest items and promote special discounts, sales and events.

As well, their digital signs are often used to direct customers to different locations of the stores where popular items are on display – an initiative that can significantly boost sales and heighten customer satisfaction.

Digital signage benefits restaurants.

Restaurant owners love the ability to quickly and easily change their menu items when times call for it.

For example, seasonal specials can easily be updated on screen instead of having to get an employee to manually replace letters, words and photos.

Digital menu boards are dreams come true for restaurant owners who make use of food trucks to bring their delicious treats to a variety of outdoor events.

Food trucks commonly use whiteboards or chalk boards to display their menu items. However, it becomes tiresome to have to write, erase and rewrite food choices when they sell out or change, depending on the location of the food truck. Digital menu boards eliminate that problem.


Digital signage benefits medical offices.

Numerous doctors and dentists have enjoyed the benefits that come with displaying pertinent health information through their digital signage. Instead of having their patients wait impatiently by sifting through valueless magazines, many medical professionals use their in-office screens to inform those awaiting their appointments about various illnesses and the steps that can be taken to remedy them.


How does Screenfluence make the switch to digital signage a breeze?

Where do we begin? Well, firstly, we’re happy to have you try our software out in order to get familiar with its functionality. There is no cost for doing this. We’re confident that once you experience our software demo, you will be excited to get going with making the switch to digital signage. You don’t even have to worry about losing your internet connection! In the event that you lose your connectivity, our software is designed to keep playing.

Another way that we’re able to make your switch to digital signage a breeze is through our customer-friendly subscription process. We offer both monthly and annual plans. Those who sign up for our annual plans receive 10% discounts! You have the ability to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your monthly account at any time with no further obligation. If you cancel your plan, it comes into effect the following month.

To take advantage of digital signage, all you need is a TV monitor to display at your place of business. And, if you don’t have a TV, we can provide one for you! Finally, we accept all major credit cards. This makes it easy for you to pay for your subscription using the payment method of your choice.

Are you ready to make the switch? Contact Screenfluence today! Give us a call at 1-844-772-7336 or email us at

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