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There’s a lot of benefits to be had with digital signage. However, some of these you may not have thought of.

When we hear “digital signage” most of us probably think of digital signs. Okay, that’s not a surprise. Yes, DS is essentially a digital sign. However, it goes much deeper than that. Here are a few things that digital signage can do that you may not even realize.

1. Control The Message

Consider that digital signage is more than simply a sign. That’s what your old signs are for. Digital signage is a customized information and education tool that works with your existing television. It’s more than just a “moving sign.”

With DS, businesses can harness the power of their television and display moving images, videos, and more to their customers. What happens in most offices and waiting rooms? The first person to show up in the morning turns on the TV, switches it to something simple, and it stays locked on that channel for the rest of the day.

Anyone who walks into the office or waiting room is going to shift their eyes towards the television almost automatically. Now you control the message.

2. Ease Customer Service Burdens

Everyone has questions, but not everyone may feel comfortable asking. What will happen later, however, is they will call or email with their questions or concerns. In a medical setting such as a dentist office this may be even more true.

Digital signage can help teach customers and patients about health and hygiene practices, office policies, or available services. This can help educate your customers and empower them to ask the right questions when necessary. What’s more, it can ease the burden on other customer support channels later.

3. Decrease Perceived Wait Times

As Einstein said: everything is relative. When your customers or patients are bored, twiddling their thumbs, and waiting their turn: minutes can seem like hours. This is true of any business but may be even more obvious in a doctor or dentist’s office.

Did you know that 97% of patients are frustrated by long wait times?¬†That’s basically all of your patients. With digital signage however, the perception of that wait time can decrease by as much as 33% in some cases. The actual wait time hasn’t gone down, but because the patient or customer is having their time occupied, they actually feel as though they aren’t waiting as long as they are.

4. Create Your Own TV Channel

If you’ve encountered digital signage at the gas pump, you’ve seen what gas stations are doing with the technology. Digital signage enables you to create your own branded channel. Displaying only your content 24/7. It’s like having your own network, only not nearly as expensive!

5. Cut Out Competitor’s Content

The best part about having your own tv network? All your content all the time. With an audience of existing customers, you don’t have to worry about what advertisement is coming up next because you’ll know exactly what’s coming. There’s nothing worse than having the television on at your clothing store only to see a commercial for Kohls pop up.

Ready to Get Started?

Digital signage can benefit any business or brand. For more information, check out what Screenfluence has to offer. Need something more specialized? Screenfluence Dental has everything you need to get started with digital signage in your dental practice today.

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