Digital signage has not been quiet in 2018. In fact, there’s more going on than ever before. From fast food restaurants to dental offices: here’s the hot trends in digital signage we’ve seen so far this year.

Trends In Digital Signage

Not all digital signage news is created equal, but when it comes to 2018: here are the trends in the market you don’t want to miss.

Coca-Cola Going Digital

Coca-Cola has made a bit of a splash by going digital. With billboards, kiosks, and more. They even tested a truck with digital signage built in. As more large companies adopt the technology, greater innovation will take hold which will benefit the digital signage market as a whole.

Personalized Signage Will Increase

As digital signage becomes more mainstream, the emphasis has turned towards customizing certain message to a specific audience. Whereas Coca-Cola is mainly deploying digital signage kiosks to inform customers of sales or promotions; other businesses can be more targeted.

Dental offices, for example, are making great use of digital signage by targeting specific segments of their patient base with relevant information. For instance, dental waiting rooms are prime moments for digital signage to work their magic.

Not every patient feels comfortable asking their dentist about teeth whitening, for example. With digital signage, dental offices can inform their patients about the service, including: benefits, care, and whether or not the service is right for you.

This type of targeted content will only become more mainstream as businesses of all types choose to promote the services they want to the customers or patients they already have.

Cities Getting Smarter

It’s not just businesses going digital. Cities around the world are adopting hi-tech solutions including digital signage. Just take a look at what New York’s Times Square looked like 20 years ago compared to today. Digital signage as far as they eye can see.

New York City also recently deployed a series of kiosks which provide Wi-Fi to residents as well as digital advertisements and information. The future of big cities is definitely going digital.

Airports Going Digital

Airports may be the poster child for trends in digital signage. Gone are the days of the old school signage in airports. Nowadays, most modern airports are as digital as can be. From displays that feature flight information to digital signage advertisement: it’s almost rare to see a “regular” sign in an airport these days.

Best of all, long wait times at the ticket counter, baggage claim, or security checkpoint makes digital signage in these areas a prized piece of advertising real estate.

The Future is Digital

As the digital signage revolution continues, these trends in digital signage are only the beginning of a bright future that is still yet to come. Not only is the technology becoming more readily available, content creation is easier than ever. Customize your signage to meet your specific needs, or use a package designed for your industry.

However you choose to make use of digital signage, there can be no question that it’s a boost for any business looking to make a splash.

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