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Ensuring the effectiveness of your company’s digital signage requires the efforts of a number of players. In order to produce highly-attractive, well-designed and effectively-conveyed messages, you’ll need to employ a team of individuals who have skills in writing and graphic design. Once you’ve assembled such a team, it’s wise to get quickly started on crafting eye-catching images for you to put on display.

But what if you’re working with limited resources? What can you do to deliver compelling on-screen content without overspending? How can you design captivating digital signage on a budget?

Use stock imagery and video.

No one ever said you needed to hire a professional photographer in order to display eye-catching photos on your digital signage. There is a myriad of free stock photo and video resources available online. Utilize them in order to provide yourself with a budget-friendly approach to displaying vivid images and videos. There are numerous benefits to using stock imagery and video including the saving of both money and time.

“Stock photography, images and illustrations are ready for immediate download and only require two steps to make this happen,” informs Amos Struck on, “If you are not registered with stock photo agencies, free membership can be obtained immediately and credits or subscriptions ordered within seconds. If your stock photo needs are urgent, searching, buying and downloading is fast and easy.”

Download pre-made templates from Envato Elements.

You’re not a graphic designer. And no one is asking you to be one. Lucky for you, there is Envato Elements which offers you unlimited downloads of premium digital templates. The website boasts the ability to provide you with everything you need to get creative projects done. Although this option will cost you a little something at first, the investment will be well worth it.

Envato’s pre-made graphic design templates are designed by professional designers. Prices range between $15 and $150 per presentation. Consider using stunningly-designed slides that already have a professional look over hiring a pricey graphic designer who would have to design them for you from scratch.

Learn the ropes and try it yourself.

Do you have any experience composing messages? It’s a trick question. We all do. Chances are that you send numerous emails and texts on a regular basis. It’s possible you’ve even composed a letter or two in your day. If budget is an issue, you may want to take a stab at coming up with your own ideas for the write-ups and visuals you wish to display on your company’s digital signage.

Attaining digital signage software isn’t as difficult as you may think. You do, however, want to ensure that you locate a solution that is user-friendly. This is especially important if you don’t have much experience with such software. Hare advises that, when looking for a vendor that offers such a solution, you ensure that it offers you a number of features.

Among them is an easy setup process; simplicity in the user interface; built-in support for your favourite data sources such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook and Instagram; and beautiful aesthetics out of the box. You want “a brilliant playback experience with no transitions, beautifully designed templates, a wide selection of screen layouts and aesthetic themes,” Hare insists.

Recall all those PowerPoint presentations.

At some point in your career, you may have used PowerPoint during a presentation at work. Many businesspeople have. Microsoft PowerPoint is an incredibly popular tool that is often relied upon for its signage templates. It’s quite easy to use even for the most inexperienced non-techies.

PowerPoint offers you a ton of options. Its various templates enable you to come up with a design that is specific to your industry. It also allows you to select from a number of transitions and animations that can boost the intrigue factor of the visuals displayed on your digital signage. From simple fade-ins and fade-outs to complex patterns and roll-ups, PowerPoint offers a myriad of display options.

It should be stated, however, that PowerPoint has been known to present issues when used on any device other than a PC. So what other options exist?

The Screenfluence team has the answer! To learn more about how your company can design captivating digital signage on a budget, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 1-844-772-7336 or emailing

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