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Creating content for the digital signage at your business can be a lot of fun! Just remember that your top objective is to grab the attention of all those who gaze upon your screen. To do so, you need to employ a healthy combination of valuable messages, awesome colours and readable text. Remember that, in 2020, the attention spans of most people are quite short. The key is to create content that attracts eyes quickly and delivers messages effectively.

So what are some digital signage trends that every marketer should know in 2020?


“Keeping it simple (stupid)” is an ongoing trend that works wonders in the world of clearly conveying messages. Too much text can be a turn-off. If your screens are filled with several lines of text, they’re likely to be met with “I’m not reading all that” responses from onlookers.

“When it comes to text on your digital signage display, the quote ‘less is more’ couldn’t be truer,” writes Christelle Hollomon of Mvix, “Use design elements that are relevant to your company and target audience to explain deals and promotions, rather than using lengthy sentences. Customers will remember images better than lengthy chunks of text, creating a better overall experience.”

Utilizing white space.

Don’t assume that you have to use every square inch of every screen you display on your digital signage. White space represents the “clean” and unused areas of each designed screen. Using white space is an effective way to avoid a cluttered-looking display. You want your audience to quickly pick up the images and text you have on each screen. A strong digital display adequately uses both white space and other design elements to convey messages.

Remembering that size matters.

It’s wise to use headlines on your digital signage displays. Just like the practice employed by age-old newspapers, headlines draw attention and focus to the messages lying underneath. By having a large headline, it stresses importance and even urgency in your messages. According to Visix, the large size of your headline conveys priority. Using large headlines is considered a focus technique.

“Use focus techniques to guide the eye to critical information first and create a visual hierarchy in your design,” instructs their site, “Headlines, graphics, bright colors and high contrast items will pull the eye to them.”

Selecting colours that match your company’s branding.

When you think of Best Buy, what colours come to mind? Blue and yellow, right? How about Starbucks? We’re thinking green and white. Never take the concept of colour palettes lightly. They are absolutely integral to strong branding efforts. Consider this when coming up with designs for your digital display screens. Of your main goals is to create digital signage displays that your audience members will easily associate with your brand.

“If you’re the owner of a pet shop and your branding includes vibrant colours and polka dots, make sure that is reflected in your digital signage display,” encourages Holloman, “Digital signage design tips such as this will help you to stay consistent with your branding and make sure your audience can differentiate you from competitors.”

Using sans serif fonts.

“Serif” fonts use additional small strokes on each character. Times New Roman, Georgia, Palatino and Garamond are examples of serif fonts. “Sans serif” (without serif) fonts are a lot simpler. As a result, they are generally used in shorter messages. Helvetica, Avant Garde, Arial, and Geneva are examples of sans serif fonts. We’d recommend using the latter font style for your digital signage messages. They are considered simpler, minimalistic and more modern.

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