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Digital signage on university campuses is a practical godsend for students. Combine their heavy workloads with their already-busy life schedules and you have young people who really appreciate it when things are made easy for them. With digital signage on display throughout your university campus, you make pertinent information readily available to your institution’s attendees.

There are various ways to intrigue studious onlookers with your digital signage. But which ways are most effective? Here are four tips for engaging university digital signage:

1. Provide up-to-date information about school events.

Most university students are involved in a lot more than going to class and doing homework. They are teammates, members of social clubs and tutors as well as supporters of the endeavours of their classmates. When your digital signage posts the various times, dates and locations of school events, it helps students to stay on track of all of their responsibilities and extracurricular obligations.

As Skykit CEO, Irfan Khan points out on, university digital signage can be used to communicate such information as the locations of sports stadiums, arenas and gymnasiums; building closure dates and times; office hours; concerts and other special events; digital menu boards for dining facilities as well as conferences and special speakers.

2. Display maps and offer wayfinding solutions.

How do I get to the lecture hall? Where is the university’s main office located? Where is my first class?? These and other questions can and should be answered by the digital signage displayed on your university campus. As a digital signage industry veteran, Dave Haynes writes on, with dozens of buildings and endless twisting and turning corridors, college campuses can be bewildering for students and other visitors.

“Super-bright, daylight-readable displays located at decision points like pedestrian gates, transit stations and parking garages provide mapping and notifications,” he writes, “Weather-protected units can provide interactive listings and directions and outdoor screens can use related technologies like QR codes or NFC to allow users to download walking directions to their GPS-enabled smartphones.”

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3. Enhance the learning process.

Digital signage is just as effective inside the classroom as it is throughout the various halls of your facility. In 2020, classroom digital signage has replaced the age-old projector as a method of displaying information for learning purposes. The technological advancement offers professors the opportunity to display photos, play videos and present literature excerpts. This fosters stronger, more interactive lectures.

4. Keep people entertained.

Digital signage has just as much of an ability to entertain as it does to educate. And even though your university campus is designed to educate its students, your displays can help provide some much-needed stress relief via humorous clips, funny anecdotes or motivational quotes. Haynes notes that university digital signage can also be used to keep onlookers updated on current events.

“Through a day, they can be scheduled to run live news or sports programming — imagine watching the football team’s away game on a 25-foot wide Full HD screen — or used as the backdrop for lectures, guest speakers or even small concerts,” he notes, “Some colleges are also running moderated social media posts and images on these large screens, to highlight events on campus.”

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