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Digital Signage is pleasing on the eyes for both customers and owners alike but that still leaves the question, how can Digital Signage actually make revenue for an organisation? This post will look at a few of the many ways that Digital Signage can increase revenue!

Point of Purchase

Having your Digital Signage set up with the right content at the Point of Purchase is an extremely valuable tool for increasing revenue. The concept has always been around but these days Digital Signage makes it easy.

There are no constraints to marketing at the Point of Purchase. Marketers can tailor messages, offers and deals to what their customers are most interested in at that exact moment. Highlighting products and services with captivating content will increase the likelihood of customers purchasing more goods.

Digital Signage is so quick and easy to adjust that a form of A/B testing can be used to see what is most profitable during certain weeks, days and even hours.

Attract New Customers & Increase Frequency of Visits

Show that you love your brand and the story behind it. First time customers are more likely to connect with the brand if they know the back story.

Using the full functions of Screenfluence you can tell your story through Video, Image, GIF and Social Media to grab attention. Digital Signage will also help to keep those customers coming back.

Digital Signage can educate and entertain creating a positive ambiance which makes people feel good about where they are. By using Instagram through Screenfluencecustomers are encouraged to engage and interact with your social media which will leads to greater connections with your customers. Customers are more likely to spread the word of a great brand if they have engaged with the brand in unique positive manner. More people equates to more revenue.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Paper advertising can be costly and outdated. Printing hundreds of flyers and brochures just isn’t feasible anymore.

Digital Signage is the perfect replacement, the messaging can be changed in an instant to spread word and connect with your audience. These changes are made free of added charges. Print material can be expensive especially when the messaging is adapting to the world around it.

Overall Digital Signage will help users upsell goods, services, attract more people while creating a space where customers like to comeback and reducing the overall costs of marketing/advertising.

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