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No matter the industry, business owners from all walks of life agree on the one thing: making money is a primary objective. Needless to say, all businesspeople have intentions of profiting. So, as a business owner, it’s wise to invest in marketing strategies that benefit your bottom line. Digital signage has proven to do just that for entrepreneurs of all kinds. 

Both cost-conscious and highly effective, the use of digital signs at your business can do a lot to generate revenue. The Screenfluence team has the experience to prove it!

Sweet Jesus has been able to grow its global presence in the confectionary industry.

Sweet Jesus is a Toronto-based ice cream shop that has become so much more than that in the years since its inception. Now known for its incredibly unique and undeniably delicious ice creams, Sweet Jesus based its original approach to dessert-making on a combination of high-quality ingredients and distinctive offerings unavailable at any other ice cream parlour.

When Screenfluence first began to work with Sweet Jesus, our intent was to provide all of its franchises with the same digital displays. That way, they could ensure brand consistency across their multinational network. 

Today, this “little ice cream shop that wouldn’t quit” has ten locations in Southern Ontario and one more in Baltimore, Maryland. They manage their entire network of digital displays all from one location. Their menus frequently change, so the ability to update and manage their content remotely is a necessity.

Steam Whistle easily updates customers on special events and current promotions.

Steam Whistle makes beer that makes people cheer. That’s not their slogan. It’s just the way we feel about them! This awesome independent, Toronto-based brewery is absolutely committed to making top-quality pilsner without taking shortcuts by using chemicals and fillers. 

When Screenfluence initiated its relationship with Steam Whistle, our primary goal was to give their downtown Toronto brewing location an incomparable on-site digital experience. The mission was to both showcase their wide variety of products as well as highlight the many tantalizing offerings from the brewery’s fantastic restaurant and bar. It was also important for us to create digital displays that entertained and informed their patrons.

Today, Steam Whistle also uses their displays to provide information about upcoming special events and current promotions. Previously, the brewery used flyers to advertise such occasions. The strategy proved to be highly ineffective.

Pusateri’s Fine Foods enjoys significantly increased engagement with their clients.

Pusateri’s Fine Foods has been a staple of the Toronto food industry since 1963. The Pusateri family, who owns the inimitable grocery store, is very passionate about their long-standing business. They don’t just wish to share their rare and unique products with their customers. They also enjoy sharing recipes and offering up ideas for what to cook on a Sunday night.

When Screenfluence started working with the Pusateri’s, our main goal was to leverage their existing library of pictures and videos as well as their loyal social media following to design highly-alluring digital displays for their one-of-a-kind store location. The family required a robust hardware and intuitive software that could be managed remotely and easily updated by a number of different users. 

Today, Pusateri’s Fine Foods enjoys significantly increased engagement with their clients, thanks to the constantly-revolving displays of their new and unique products from around the world. 

Do you wish to generate more revenue at your business? For information about how Screenfluence can help your company to benefit from using digital signs, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 1-844-772-7336 or emailing

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