Makin Hoops is an efficient & effective method of basketball training for boys and girls that focuses on developing the proper skills through a balanced mix of technology, foundational skill development & repetition

Makin Hoops focuses on 3 on 3 & half court play to develop decision making & to simply get more reps. With their unique approach to training, MAKIN HOOPS is the only facility you’ll need to TRAIN YOUR GAME.


Makin Hoops

Use Case

Sports & Recreation, Communication

In working with Makin Hoops, our aim was to provide basketball players and staff with updates on what was going around on the facility with a software that was easy to use and manage. Making Hoops also wanted to place displays in and around each of their basketball courts to communicate specific and unique messages to players.

Special promotions and ancillary advertising was also an secondary goal. We look forward to growing with Makin Hoops as they continue to expand their presence throughout Albert, Canada and the rest of North America.