Authentic butchers and the city’s finest prepared fare. For over 50 years. Pusateri’s has set the standard for what it means to live, and eat, well in Toronto. They take great pride in travelling the world to find and share rare and unique products with their customers.

Today Pusateri’s continue to evolve from their foundations, striving to uphold a standard of excellence that goes beyond their stores, integrating social responsibility with initiatives that support animal welfare, the community, environment, and food safety.


Pusateri’s Fine Foods

Use Case

Grocery, Retail

Pusateri’s currently has 6 locations in Ontario: Yorkville, Bayview Village, Oakville Place, Avenue Road and two locations in Saks Fifth Avenue.

In working with Pusateri’s our goal was to leverage their existing library of pictures and videos as well as their loyal social media following.  Pusateri’s required a robust hardware and intuitive software that could be managed remotely and easily updated by a number of different users. An additional goal was to increase engagement with clients and display new and unique products from around the world.