In an age when larger, industrial breweries have abandoned tradition in favour of shortcuts, chemicals and fillers, Steam Whistle stands apart as an independent brewery that’s committed to brewing pilsner the way its been made for centuries.

Due to Steam Whistle’s prime brewing location in the heart of downtown Toronto, our goal in working with them was to create an on-site digital experience to showcase their wide variety of products. Their brewery is also a fantastic restaurant and bar and so the digital display needed to showcase their products as well as entertain and inform their patrons.



Use Case

Promotional, Internal Communication

Instead of using traditional television, Steam Whistle uses their displays to provide information on upcoming special events as well as current promotions. These events and promotions were previously printed on flyers and were found to be highly ineffective.


In working with Steam Whistle, we have successfully created the ideal environment to learn about their brewery and enjoy a cold, refreshing beer.