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Screenfluence is the easiest to use and most affective content management system on the market. Smoothly adjust content playlists and timed campaigns to suit urgent needs and pre-planned changes. The Screenfluence user interface is built for speed and simplicity. Just plug a box into each of your HD displays and begin creating and adjusting content from any location. Save time, save money with the Screenfluence turnkey solution.

Advanced Scheduling

Schedule campaigns days, weeks, months in advance to help you plan upcoming digital media campaigns

Social Media Integration

Easily add your Instagram account and have it play live in playlists that you create.

Cloud Based Content Storage

Comfort in knowing your data is safely stored in the Screenfluence cloud.

Automatic Updates

Screenfluence features will update automatically for free as we roll out the latest concepts and ideas we have.

Drag and Drop

The drag and drop technology in the Screenfluence platform will save time while loading content and is ideal for creating playlists for your displays

Plug and Play

Plug the Screenflunce hardware into your digital display and begin playing content through the Screenfluence platform in a matter of minutes.

The Most Elegant Digital Signage Software.

Innovation through simplicity

With the Screenfluence subscription you will receive our plug and play hardware along with access to the most effective, innovative and easy to use software available for your network of displays. Our content management system will make adding content and creating playlists the easiest part of your marketing funnel. Every screen is an opportunity with Screenfluence!

Social Signage

Instagram is available on the Screenfluence platform bringing a new era of Social Signage to your digital display network. Your Instagram feed can be placed in any playlist that you create or used on a dedicated social media screen.

The Instagram feature gives you another channel to interact and engage with customers. By linking your business’s Instagram account to your digital signage network you can easily create a marketing device to get people through your doors.

This provides fresh and engaging images for your customers to consume. You can use Instagram to connect, learn what customers like, reach new audiences and generate sales.

Try Instagram on the Screenfluence digital signage platform!

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