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Leveraging Social Media For Digital Signage

Join us on November 18th, 2020 to learn everything you need to know to start showcasing your social media on your screens.

Future-Proof Solutions

With printed signs on the outs and digital signage on the rise, this eye-catching and interactive form of marketing is trumping traditional displays by a landslide.

Digital Signage provides businesses and brands with new possibilities for advertising and engagement. To take full advantage of both your digital signage and your social media, you should integrate them and understand the tools & concepts behind a successful digital signage campaign.


  • The best tools to create the most effective social media content for your screens
  • The benefits of social media signage
  • How to create engagement with relevant content
  • Finding the optimal time for posting on screens
  • How to create validity through social media
  • How to manage using multiple platforms at once


Missed the webinar? No worries – here is the presentation deck & recording from the live event!

Featured Speaker

Max Aaron
President, Business Development – Screenfluence

Born and raised in Toronto, Max has a strong knowledge base across many industry verticals. Max is the ideal client partner and leads Screenfluence’s business development efforts. A skilled communicator and strategic thinker, Max holds an undergraduate degree in International Development from McGill University and a graduate law degree and LL.M. from the University of Miami, School of Law. Fun fact: if you quote something from Seinfeld or The Simpsons, odds are Max can tell you the exact episode it’s from.

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