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Digital Signage for

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Whether it’s a large hospital, a small dental practice, or even a senior living community, Screenfluence’s digital displays for healthcare help you improve the patient experience.

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With our easy-to-use digital signage platform, medical centers, clinics, and doctor offices can create, share and manage content that educates and entertains visitors and helps staff focus on what matters most. Screenfluence helps healthcare facilities improve quality of care, lower perceived waiting times, and enhance staff productivity.


Waiting Room and Lobby Digital Displays

Show registration and new patient check-in instructions and display educational content to improve your waiting room experience.

Digital Directories

Help patients find key hospital offices, pharmacy locations, examination rooms and amenities with digital maps and directories.

Operating Room Digital Boards

Provide real-time updates on rooms that are in use to streamline scheduling so nurses and staff can focus on urgent tasks.

Employee Digital Bulletin Boards

Facilitate internal communication and staff training with digital boards that organize operational info, client intakes, rotation, and care.

Digital Advertising Screens

Promote new procedures and products, seasonal offers, exciting initiatives and updates using interactive digital ad screens.

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How Does Digital Signage Benefit Healthcare Facilities?


Share Useful Content

From new procedures and products to health and safety announcements, create content with the screens you already use and improve both visitor and staff experiences across medical practices and campuses.

Educate Patients

Use digital signs to share medical tips and advice with your patients and ease anxiety with engaging waiting room screens. Simply add your content and put your digital signage on display instantly.

Facilitate Wayfinding

Make sure patients know where to find their doctors. Create a digital directory or an interactive map that you can easily update anytime with new layouts and wayfinding information for your building.

Reduce Waiting Times

Digital screen content reduces patients’ perceived wait times by up to 35%. Pull screen-ready content from your Instagram feed, Dropbox, GoogleSlides and PDFs for a great visitor experience.

Improve Quality of Care

With digital signage, you improve communication and build a positive relationship between staff and patients. Highlight awareness campaigns or specific check-ups that matter most to your visitors.

Streamline Operations

Speed up patient intakes, provide on-going staff training, and deliver emergency information with digital signage. Using digital displays helps you reduce operational costs and empower your staff.

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