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Digital Signage for

Internal Communications

From franchise headquarters to local company offices, Screenfluence’s digital signage for corporate communications increases employee productivity and satisfaction.

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With our remote digital signage platform, corporate HQ, local franchises and company offices can easily create, share and manage company-wide messages to improve staff efficiency and make sure all teams and departments are on the same page.


Meeting Room Screens

Make conference room bookings easier by sharing a digital schedule outside showing who is using a room now and when it’s next available.

Employee Digital Bulletin Boards

Display human resources notifications, upcoming events, corporate updates, daily and weekly task reminders and safety procedures.

Company Dashboards

Share performance metrics, sales data, KPI charts and big picture plans to keep your teams motivated and in the loop.

Breakroom and Welcome Displays

Entertain and celebrate your employees by displaying their milestones and accomplishments, company social media feeds and staff birthdays.

Digital Office Message Boards

Coordinate employee communications at the local, regional and national level and share messages from the CEO or other executives.

Training Video Displays

Provide refresher tutorials and educate staff on new programs, services, and products along with industry news through video instead of boring manuals.


In four easy steps

From onboarding to installation to ongoing customer and technical support, switching from static memo boards and printed posters in your office to a digital signage solution has never been this easy.

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How Does Digital Signage Benefit Corporates and Franchises?


Get Your Employees’ Attention

Digital signage has a recall rate of around 83%. Your screens communicate critical information quickly so you don’t have to compete with thousands of emails and texts on your employees’ phone and computers to get your messages read.

Inspire and Motivate your Team

Digital displays are perfect for advertising workplace initiatives and benefits the team doesn’t know about. You can use your screens to celebrate your team's birthdays, give shout-outs to the Employee of the Month and promote team events.

Boost Employee Productivity

You can share your values, promote your purpose and build your company culture through workplace screens. Help your employees meet their goals by sharing real-time performance data as well as relevant company and industry news.

Connect Teams Across Multiple Offices

Remote digital signage allows you to share your message anywhere in the world, including to frontline and offline staff. That way key information is shared instantly with all your employees in different departments, offices or even countries.

Improve Workplace Safety and Operations

Communicate health and safety notifications, security alerts and fire alarm information across your offices so your employees stay safe. Use your screens to display daily task lists and schedules to smooth out your company’s operations.

Budget-friendly Communication Tool

Digital signage is the missing channel that your company has been searching for. For a much lower cost than printed signs and posters, screens can help you manage your communications centrally and present information in engaging visual formats.

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