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Digital Signage for

Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

From storefront screens to displays in your deli department, Screenfluence’s digital signage for supermarkets and grocery stores boost sales and enhance your in-store shopping experience.

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Digital displays help supermarkets, grocery stores and other food retailers boost impulse purchases, promote high-margin products, display weekly promotions and ultimately increase revenue.

With Screenfluence’s intuitive cloud-based digital signage player, you can easily update screens across different departments and locations to better connect with shoppers in your stores.


Point-of-Purchase (POP) Digital Displays

Build trust in specific brands and push special products and offers with digital end-cap displays and shelf-edge screens.

In-Store Announcement Displays

Share time-sensitive information, deploy new promotions instantly, provide stock and aisle updates or share alerts across multiple locations.

Video Walls

Increase foot traffic, display brand ads, advertise new services or events and share fun facts with eye-catching video wall displays.

Digital Menu Boards

Inform shoppers of takeout food items or ready-to-eat meals and share daily specials, nutritional data, prices and more.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Digital Signage

Improve the experience of customers waiting in the checkout line by featuring loyalty programs or upsell opportunities.

Ad and Promo Screens

Generate additional revenue from ad sales and leverage in-store exposure to push an existing promotion or advertising campaign.


In four easy steps

From onboarding to installation to ongoing customer and technical support, switching from flyers and static signage in your store to a digital signage solution has never been this easy.

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How Does Digital Signage Benefit Supermarkets and Grocery Stores?


Drive Sales with Promotions

You can quickly adapt in-store promotions with digital signage. Update screen content to highlight daily or weekly deals and coupons, encourage impulse purchases and upsell high-margin products.

Inform and Educate Shoppers

In-store ads influence more than a third of grocery store shoppers to purchase a new product or to try a different brand. Feature specialty products, unfamiliar ethnic and special-diet foods, and new offerings to boost sales.

Build Trust in Brands and Products

Easily pull user-generated content from your social media feeds onto your screens. Digital signage enhances your customer shopping experience by showcasing real reviews for brands and products.

Improve the In-store Shopping Experience

You can list aisle information with directions, feature loyalty programs, inspire undecided shoppers with recipe ideas and get more conversions from in-store food samples and cooking demos with a call-to-action, all with digital signage screens.

Increase Customer Engagement

71% of consumers want ads tailored to their interests. By implementing an easy-to-update cloud-based digital signage system across your stores you can cater to specialty shoppers and adapt your displays in different departments or locations.

Reduce Printing and Marketing Costs

With digital signage you keep your promotional materials updated and eliminate printing costs. Quickly shift screen content to promote products that need to move fast such as fresh produce and stop advertising products that have already sold out.

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