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Creating Great Digital Signage With Screenfluence Academy

This series of short, 2-4 min video tips will turn you into a digital signage content management genius in less than 45 minutes.

All You Need to Know to Create Outstanding Digital Signage Content for Your Screens

Screenfluence is a powerful, easy-to-use digital signage solution trusted by organizations, big and small. This introductory course is a great place to learn how to design, organize and manage content for your digital screens across your network.
  • Whether you’re an expert or a digital signage novice, this series will give you a strong digital signage content management foundation
  • Real tools you can learn today to start using your digital signs on day one
  • Practical tips and best practices for creating content for your screens

Screenfluence Academy Crash Course

Jump right in — get an overview of the basics and get started on creating amazing content for your digital screens.
Lesson 1
How to create a digital signage content strategy
How do you put a strategy together? Learn how to plan your digital signage content and measure results.
Lesson 2
How to create your own digital signage content
Does the thought of creating your own content stress you out? Don’t worry, we got you! In this lesson, you will learn how to create unique content for your screens.
Lesson 3
7 rules for creating digital content for your screens
It can be hard to know where to start when designing for a digital signage screen. We’re here to break down for you the 7 simple rules of creating great content.
Lesson 4
Tips on scheduling content for your digital signage
Scheduling content sounds like it involves a lot of work but on the right platform, it’s actually pretty simple. Follow these easy tips and scheduling your content will be a breeze.
Lesson 5
Best way to organize your digital signage content
Smart organization tactics can help you get more mileage out of your content, and help you engage and inform your audience more successfully. Learn how to better organize your content in this lesson.
Lesson 6
Using social media content for digital signage: Best practices
Social media is arguably the most important part of the digital ecosystem. Now let’s dive into some best practices that you can apply, shall we?
Lesson 7
How to reuse your existing content on digital signage screens?
You can easily breathe new life into the content you already have to create something new.Let’s see how we can go about doing that!
Lesson 8
5 graphic design tips for memorable digital signage content
The best thing to do for your brand is to create content that not only stands out but is visually memorable. And the best way to do that? Well, we’ve got 5 tips coming right up!
Lesson 9
Digital signage content ideas for each industry: Fast Food, Education, Corporate and Retail
We’re going to give you some cool digital signage content ideas. You can use them if you run a café, a retail business, or anything in between.
Lesson 10
Best practices – Screen recommendations for digital signage
What do you use to display your digital signage on? How do you pick one that fits your needs and doesn’t break the bank? Let us guide you through this screen maze.

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This series of short, 2-4 min video tips will turn you into a digital signage content management genius in less than 45 minutes. Drop your email and we’ll send the link to your inbox to watch later.

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