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Screenfluence on Desktop

Innovation Through Simplicity

Use our plug and play hardware along with access to the most effective, and easy to use software for your network of displays. With screenfluence, Digital Signage will be the easiest part of your marketing funnel. Every screen is an opportunity with Screenfluence! Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Our software was designed to make sense for all types of users.


Our hardware is designed to work even during spotty internet.

Making Changes Is Smooth And Easy

Smoothly adjust content playlists and timed campaigns to suit urgent needs and pre-planned changes. The Screenfluence user interface is built for speed and simplicity. Just plug a box into each of your HD displays and begin creating and adjusting content from any location. Save time, save money with the Screenfluence turnkey solution.

Show Anything, Anywhere

Show whatever content you have. We support all standard file types.


Showcase amazing photographs and images of your brilliant product easily on your digital display network through playlist creation on the Screenfluence platform.


Bring your product to life on your digital display network by creating playlists of videos using the Screenfluence platform.


Optimize social media by bringing it to life on your digital network. Seamlessly connect accounts on the Screenfluence platform. New pictures will automatically push to your displays.

Start using the signage you dream about

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We've got bells, and we've got whistles

Plug N' Play

Plug the Screenflunce hardware into your digital display and begin playing content through the Screenfluence platform in a matter of minutes.

Easy Library

Find your media as if it were on your desktop. Have instant visibility of your actions and results when reviewing your media. Import multiple folders simultaneously.

Drag N' Drop

The Screenfluence platform is built for ease and speed. Thousands of online customers have testified about the convenience of using drag and drop technology so we felt it an essential addition to our platform.


Instagram is available on the Screenfluence platform bringing a new era of Social Signage to your digital display network. Your Instagram feed can be placed in any playlist that you create or used on a dedicated social media screen, giving you another channel to interact and engage with customers.

By linking your business’s Instagram account to your digital signage network you can easily create a marketing device to get people through your doors. This provides fresh and engaging images for your customers to consume. You can use Instagram to connect, learn what customers like, reach new audiences and generate sales.

Try Instagram on the Screenfluence digital signage platform!

Read about our customer success stories.

This was the easiest and fastest set up I could have hoped for. The staff was super friendly and they really listened to what we wanted and needed. The quality is also great and business has really gone up since our screens have gone up. Patients tell us everyday that they didn't even know we were here until they saw our screens!! This was a great investment!

Silvia S
Dentistry In Motion
Logo for Dentistry In Motion

Easy to use and change! Works perfect with our business and we recommend the product to all restaurants looking for digital menus and all those that need to.

Vince Farago
Junked Food Co.
Logo for Junked Food Co.

Screenfluence installed three directory screens in a Medical building of ours downtown. People used to continually ask me what floors certain doctors were on and what room they were in. This has now been solved with the installation of our digital displays. The software has also allowed us to update tenant information immediately.

Michelle Lima
Par Med

We constantly have new products and guests coming into the store and Screenfluence has made it very easy for us to keep our screen up to date. Their drag and drop functionality is a nice touch. We notice customers constantly engaging with the screens as they make their way through our store. Even during weak internet signals, the screens never stop playing.

Hersh Borenstein
Frozen Pond
Logo for Frozen Pond

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