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Digital Signage for
Schools and Universities

How digital signage helps Northwestern University connect communities on campus


Higher Education

Use Case

Digital Bulletin Boards


Northwestern University was looking for a tech-forward solution to meet the challenge of managing communications with thousands of students, faculty, employees and visitors on campus.

Digital signage for schools and universities


Controlling digital signage remotely across a network of displays is key for educational institutions. Schools and universities need to be able to change displays quickly to share timely messages or emergency announcements.

Northwestern needed a reliable digital signage system that can be easily managed. They seeked a solution that allows them to remotely update all their screens quickly, and a company with proven technical and customer support.

After a successful pilot program, Northwestern found that Screenfluence provided them with the intuitive digital signage solution they were looking for.

Screenfluence is now an integral part of Northwestern’s on-campus messaging. It helps streamline communication across campuses, connect different communities, share news and events, and showcase school values and accomplishments.


Digital sign screens for education

Digital Signage Benefits for Universities and Schools

Lower operation costs

Inform students, faculty and staff

Increase engagement on campus

“What I like the most is that I can literally teach a user how to use the software in five minutes. It makes my job easy and I can have others working with the product. The price of the software really is something that I have to mention, and the customer service is superb.”

Luis P.
Broadcast Production Manager, Northwestern University

Northwestern University is a private research university in Illinois, US. Along with its selective undergraduate programs, Northwestern is known for its highly ranked Kellogg School of Management, Pritzker School of Law and Medill School of Journalism.

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