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Digital Signage for
Dentist Clinics

Dentistry in Motion uses digital signage
to provide high-quality patient care



Use Case

Waiting Room Signage


The practitioners at Dentistry in Motion (DIM) seeked Screenfluence’s expertise in better communicating with their patients, as brochures went unnoticed in the waiting rooms.

Dentist practice digital signage


Dentistry in Motion’s goal was to bolster their patient experience and acquisition efforts. 

They were finding it difficult to engage with their patients. So they needed an innovative solution to improve the communication efficiency of their practice.

To better communicate with patients, we implemented Screenfluence digital signage throughout key spots in the clinic: the waiting room and operation rooms.

This allowed the dentists to share with clinic visitors key health tips, available procedures, and products that aided in preventative dentistry.

DIM was successfully able to leverage this new dynamic solution to increase patient awareness and generate organic patient conversations – ultimately leading to an increase in revenue.

Doctor waiting room digital signage

Digital Signage Benefits for Essential Retailers

Promote New Services and Products

Eliminate Waiting Room Boredom

Reduce Expenses for Upgrading Marketing Materials

Dentistry in Motion is a Toronto-based dental clinic. They are a team dedicated to improving and maintaining your oral health. Their mission is to provide patients with personalized, high-quality care.

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