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Digital Signage for
Gyms and Fitness Centers

Makin Hoops shoots and scores with digital signage in their sports facility


Sports & Recreation

Use Case

Digital Message Boards


Makin Hoops was looking for a flexible system that allows them to better communicate with players and staff and update them on what’s going on around the basketball training facility.

Digital signage for fitness and sports facilities


The digital signage platform Makin Hoops needed had to be easy to use and manage. They needed a customizable platform that allowed them to show different messages based on where the screen was located.

Screenfluence helped the client integrate a well-implemented network of digital displays around their facility. With sturdy hardware and an intuitive digital signage player, Makin Hoops can now share diverse content with their members and staff.

Makin Hoops can now share unique and different messages for each group or class with strategically placed displays in and around each of their basketball courts.

They also promote special events or training programs and engage their visitors with news about the players and their accomplishments.

Digital signage for sport and fitness centre

Digital Signage Benefits for Sports Facilities

Entertain and inform visitors

Create a sense of community for members

Promote products, classes & trainers

Makin Hoops is a new method of basketball training that focuses on developing the proper skills through a balanced mix of technology, foundational skill development and repetition.

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