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Digital Signage for
Grocery Stores

How Pusateri’s Fine Foods enhanced customer experience across their chain stores with digital signage


Supermarkets and Grocery Stores
Food Retail

Use Case

In-Store Digital Screens


Pusateri’s Fine Foods sought the expertise of Screenfluence to enhance customer experience, increase engagement, and display new, unique products in their grocery stores using digital signage.

Digital signage for grocery stores and supermarkets


With 6 locations across Ontario, Screenfluence had to make sure the implemented solution can be customized for each different store.

We had to implement robust hardware and intuitive software that could be managed remotely and easily updated by a number of different users.

We provided Pusateri’s Fine Foods with a fully customized and scalable digital signage solution.

They could easily modify their content to display different messages according to the store location, time of day, or new announcements and promotions.

To increase customer engagement, we leveraged the client’s existing library of pictures and videos as well as their loyal social media following.

Supermarket and Grocery Store Digital Signage

Digital Signage Benefits for Grocery Stores

Increase Food Sales

Develop Customer Loyalty

Inform Customer and Employers

Pusateri’s has set the standard for what it means to live, and eat, well in Toronto. They take great pride in travelling the world to find and share rare and unique products with their customers.

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