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Digital Signage for
Fast Food Franchises

Sending Sweet Jesus around the globe with Screenfluence digital signage


Fast Food Franchise
Food Service

Use Case

Digital Menu Boards


Sweet Jesus wanted to provide all of their franchises with the same digital displays in order to build brand consistency across their multinational network.

Fast Food Digital Signage Menu Boards


Digital signage is a key part of Sweet Jesus’ global expansion strategy. They were looking for a company that could provide an all-in-one solution – from franchise onboarding, through installation as well as ongoing customer and technical support.

Screenfluence provided Sweet Jesus with the best digital signage software for franchises available. With an easy-to-use platform, the digital menu boards across the client’s global chain of stores could be updated in minutes.

The client can remotely manage all their menu displays around the world from one location with a dynamic digital signage solution that adapts to different countries, regulations, and customer preferences.

With Screenfluence, Sweet Jesus was able to grow their business and expand internationally, while maintaining brand consistency and seamlessly managing their entire franchise.


Fast Food Digital Signage

Digital Signage Benefits for Fast Food Chains

Upsell and promote menu items

Increase brand awareness

Cut printing and shipping costs

“An easy reliable solution for digital menu board management. Easy and quick to update remotely, good set of features for what our business needs, reliable, consistent.”

Patricia T.

Toronto born and globally grown; Sweet Jesus is the little ice cream shop that wouldn’t quit. As leaders in the confectionery game, they constantly make something that tastes and looks unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

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