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Your digital signage is an excellent way to keep consumers more closely connected to your brand. Naturally, you are given the freedom to communicate any message you wish to your visitors. For many companies, a combination of amusing videos, humorous anecdotes and, of course, dazzling marketing messages help for customers to feel better acquainted with the brands they’re supporting.

Social media works in much the same way. Globally popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook work wonders in providing personal touches to the interactions between businesses and their customers. To take full advantage of both your digital signage and your social media accounts, you should integrate them. Never hesitate to flash your social media handles and appropriate hashtags on your digital signage.

Here are four convincing reasons to integrate digital signage and social media:

1. It helps you to develop richer content.

Consider the types of marketing messages you want flashed across your screens. What type of hashtag would work best for the promotion? Let’s suppose you own a clothing company and decided to launch a #WearItProudly sale in order to market your sports team apparel. Showcasing that hashtag could begin an entirely new online conversation on your social media accounts.

Consider the following post: What is your favourite sports team? Which jersey is your favourite? Find yours at (store name here)! #WearItProudly

Not only is this a clever way to promote your store’s latest sale, the campaign insists upon engagement. Your social media feeds will grow with discussions about top sports teams and what they wear. This, of course, provides you with even more content to flash on your in-house digital signage.

2. It promotes word of mouth promotion.

Is there a business owner alive who doesn’t absolutely love word of mouth promotion? Not only does it come for free, but it’s known as the most reliable source of marketing there is. Social media posts often have the potential to reach thousands of followers within minutes. Use your digital signage to ask your customers to use your hashtag on social media in order to earn discounts.

Every post using your hashtag is an example of free promo. Not to mention, this advertising method encourages customer engagement. It will make your business appear fun to be involved with. That brings us to our next reason.

3. It makes your brand seem like so much fun.

Don’t assume that social media are part of a passing fad. Their huge popularity only seems to substantially increase on a daily basis. Apparently there are over 200 million Instagram users, nearly 300 million Twitter users and over a billion Facebook users all over the world! With so many people using these platforms, it only makes sense to engage with them in order to market your brand.

Show your followers how much fun your brand is by communicating the same messages online as you would on your in-store digital signage. The amusing videos and humorous anecdotes we mentioned earlier – don’t hesitate to share them online. Use them to encourage your social media followers to visit you in person to experience just how fun your business can be.

4. It encourages customer feedback.

Just as word of mouth promotion is the best type of promotion, customer feedback is the best type of feedback. Who better than the people who support your business to tell you how great (or not so great) it’s doing? Use your digital signage to ask customers to offer their feedback or even to complete a short online survey. Do the same using your social media accounts.

When you show people that you care about their opinions, they will be more likely to share their true feelings with you. This is very helpful in the department of improving customer experiences.

For information about how Screenfluence can help you to integrate digital signage and social media, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 1-844-772-7336 or emailing

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