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The world is full of digital screens mediating messages – TVs, mobile phones, computers, and more.

If you aren’t utilizing digital signage at your business, it’s growing increasingly difficult to attract the attention of your customer.

The bright LEDs, moving graphics, and even the size of digital signs helps you compete with the constant distractions of the digital world.

The possibilities of interactive displays far outweigh those of traditional, static signs, especially for multi-location businesses.

Why Digital Signage Works For Franchises
Franchises and expanding businesses especially benefit from implementing a digital signage solution. Consider this. The largest franchises in the world have thousands of locations across the globe, each with multiple displays.

Deploying a single digital signage platform that manages the content behind thousands of screens saves both time and money. Gone are the days of printing thousands of individual signs and shipping them all over the country and across the world.


Gone also are the early days of digital signage with each location plugging in USBs full of pre-loaded, un-editable content while crossing their fingers and hoping the technology is compatible.
Instead, the franchises of today opt for a streamlined, cloud-based digital signage solution.
Four benefits of digital signage software for expanding businesses

1. Centralized in the Cloud
Cloud-based management for digital signage centralizes all content into one easy to use platform accessible from anywhere. This means you can manage digital signage for multiple franchise locations and remove the responsibility from each franchisee.
This helps maintain branding consistency throughout all locations. For example, if your company releases a new marketing video, you can upload it once and play it across the entire franchise in a matter of minutes. Plus, since the software lives in the cloud, you’ll always have the latest version and newest enhancements ready to use.

2. Easier Content Management
Not only does digital signage offer greater control of the businesses’ branding, it can be updated quickly and changed frequently unlike a traditional sign. The software also allows you to build libraries of your images and video content that keeps everything organized and easy to find.

Once you build playlists, content can be scheduled to play once or at recurring times.

If you want to offer some autonomy to franchisees, the web-based tool allows them to login, build, and schedule playlists with pre-approved content; or choose approved, localized content that will be better received by their customers.

3. Application For Multiple Industries
Franchises across an array of industries have found that digital signage accurately fits their needs and better engages customers. Food operations and sales, healthcare practices, retail stores, and tech companies have certainly been pioneers in digital signage. However, hotels, event centers, and large office buildings are examples of other businesses that have benefited from the technology.

Usage ranges from customer facing marketing and advertising to internal education and communication.

For example, digital signage can be used in a restaurant to display high-quality images of the daily menu items, or they can be strategically placed around a hotel and act as an interactive map for guests.


4. Digital Content Is a Money Saver
Think about all the costs you incur printing advertisements and signage for your business. Not only are printed signs “old tech,” they also quickly become irrelevant.

Odds are you have at least one sign sitting in a back room right now that was printed for a one-time event or special.

The only reason it hasn’t been thrown out yet? You spent too much money on it and hey, someday you might run that promotion again sometime. Now multiple that one sign by the number of stores in your franchise and you’ve got a lot of wasted money.

Investing in digital signage allows you to spend less money on printing signs that quickly become outdated.

In return, your business gains a sleek, modern sign that can be updated regularly at little or no additional cost.

In some cases, your digital signage can help you make money as well. In the right location and with the right audience, some businesses choose to rent digital space to other organizations for a greater return on their investment.
Let’s see the old sign in the storeroom do THAT!


The Bottom Line
Overall, digital signage is a wise investment for franchises and expanding businesses. Not only can you easily maintain a consistent brand message from one easy to use online platform, but these interactive displays can save you money on traditional advertising costs while driving more people to your businesses at the same time.

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