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Designing Digital Signage For Different Industries: Tips And Tricks

Without question, digital signage has been an absolute game-changer for businesses from all industries. The ability to regularly change up and redesign messaging makes it so that the advertising portion of an entrepreneur’s responsibilities is easier than ever. Not to mention, digital signage is both eye-catching and cost-effective. It’s certainly a win-win situation for any business owner who wishes to grow his/her reach.

With that said, it’s important to have a firm grasp on the type of messaging that is relevant to your industry. Designing digital signage for different industries requires different approaches. This will ensure that it is effective in conveying the right message to the intended audience.



It’s all about enticing consumers to make purchases. Retail digital signage should incorporate vivid photos and videos of products or services in action. Showcasing how your offerings improve lives is the best way to elicit sales.

It’s worth noting, however, that the text that accompanies the visuals should also be eye-catching. Follow this rule of thumb: bigger is better. According to The Signage Foundation, studies have found that the top factor negatively impacting signage legibility is letters that are too small.


Health care.

Health care digital signage should be educational, helpful, informative and easy to understand. It must be designed with patients in mind. It’s important that messaging offers essential information about medications and procedures. Ideally, they will give viewers both peace of mind and greater comprehension about their health conditions.

As well, health care digital signage should have plenty of wayfinding information. As reported by the National Library of Medicine, wayfinding interruptions can cost hospitals hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.




Hospitality digital signage should be designed to enhance the guest experience. The messaging should provide viewers with essential information about the hotel, its amenities and its services. In addition, hospitality digital signage should be used to promote events and specials. Eye-catching displays that highlight such happenings as happy hour or promotions at the hotel restaurant should be updated regularly.

It’s also important to immediately put hotel guests in good moods. This is where welcome messaging comes in. Use your digital signage to display special welcome messages to guests as they arrive at your hotel reception desk to check in. You may even wish to create personalized welcome messages with your guests’ names when they arrive.



Knowledge is power. The students at your school should always feel that they are in the know. Education digital signage should be designed to provide students with vital information about the school and its activities. Use it to be informative about upcoming events, such as concerts, plays and team sports games.

Education-based digital signage is especially important when schedule changes arise. Be sure to inform your students of any last-minute changes to class schedules. Digital signage can also be taken advantage of to broadcast lost and found announcements and display the school’s event calendar. Your messaging will be especially effective when it is placed in high-traffic areas such as major hallways or near the school entrance.



Corporate digital signage should be designed to inform employees about company news, updates and events. As well, it’s smart to use it to promote employee engagement and recognition programs. There’s nothing quite like the boosting of employee morale to make a company function like a well-oiled machine. It’s well known that happy employees are productive workers.

Communication is certainly key in corporate settings. Digital signage practically guarantees that all of a company’s important messages are received by its staff. Emails often go unread and teams often miss out on vital information. With digital signage installed in corporate settings, everyone stays engaged, included and in the loop.



How long will it take to commute to a specific destination? Which mode of transportation should be taken? What time will a mode of transportation be leaving? These questions, and many more like them, should all be answered by transportation digital signage. It should be designed to provide imperative information about the transportation system, such as schedules, delays and route changes. As well, it is important for it to promote safety messages and alerts.

Especially in the wake of the pandemic, airports, railway stations, bus terminals, ferry hubs and public transport stops all need to continue providing information about best health practices during commutes. This helps for passengers to feel safe and comfortable.


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