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How To Create Engaging Digital Signage Content That Converts

Digital signage has taken the marketing game to levels never seen before. Unlike traditional signage, the digital version has the ability to constantly change. This keeps the on-screen messaging both intriguing and engaging. With the ability to showcase eye-catching visuals and engaging content, digital signage has the power to capture the attention of potential customers. More importantly, it has the ability to help your company convert more sales.

Understandably, creating effective digital signage content can be challenging. This is especially true for business owners who are unfamiliar with the best practices. What steps should you take to help your create engaging digital signage content that converts?


Use a wide range of media to draw attention.

A standard sign is a stationary image that doesn’t change. As mentioned, digital signage takes your ability to send messages to your target audience to a whole other level. This is because your messaging can include animated graphics, videos and even live social media feeds. Make sure to utilize dynamic content when designing your digital signage. It helps to create an immersive experience that captures the attention of viewers. And, of course, it encourages them to take action.

A restaurant, for example, might showcase a video of their food being prepared. This can entice visitors to order those meals. There’s nothing quite like live-action visuals of food preparation to get mouths watering!


Share your brand’s story.

Every brand has a story. Sharing yours will help your business to make personal connections with its customers. Humanizing your brand is a great way to encourage support. Does your company have an interesting origin story that may be tied to a cause or personal experience? On, Deb Mukherjee encourages store owners to tell their stories the way they want via digital signage.

“Retailers like Toms and Ben & Jerry’s are known more for their brands than their products,” she writes, “It’s the story that draws customers in and keeps them coming back. Digital signage frees up the square footage to tell that story right in your store, and offers you a high-tech, visual way to relay your brand story to shoppers.”


Emphasize the benefits over the features of your offerings.

How can your product or service solve a problem or meet a need? The viewers of your digital signage should be able to get these answers from what you display. Emphasizing benefits over features is an approach that is more likely to resonate with viewers. Seeing how a product or service can improve their lives can inspire consumers to follow through on pulling out their wallets.

A phone company, for example, can offer media that showcases how their new phones simplify day-to-day life instead of just highlighting their technical specifications.


Update your content on a regular basis.

Digital signage gives your brand the benefit of being able to never bore its customers. By regularly updating the content, you can keep viewers engaged and interested in what’s coming next. Think about the various ways in which you can showcase new products or services, highlight promotions or feature customer testimonials.

Positive customer reviews, in fact, are among the greatest ways to entice shoppers to make purchases. Unquestionably, word of mouth promotion is a proven method of drawing in paying customers. Consumers trust the words of other consumers. Be sure to include your top reviews in your digital signage content.


Monitor and analyze your results.

Be sure to track metrics such as viewer engagement, conversions and return on investment. Utilize this data to make informed decisions about what content is working and what can be improved upon. Mood Media reminds us that digital signage messages can be changed on demand with very low cost.

“Companies can switch menu items and products according to the time of day, season or available inventory with ease,” informs their website, “They can also showcase more products and information than ever before with multiple features in a slideshow format, and enhance the in-store experience by engaging customers and creating dynamic interior decor.”


Showcase your top-selling products.

The name of the game is boosting sales, right? What are your top sellers? Be sure to show them off through your digital signage! “Right from product material details to comparisons with other products, these displays can help your customer make an informed buying decision and free up sales associates’ time,” says Mukherjee.


Are you ready to create some engaging digital content that converts into sales? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Screenfluence for help with the design of your digital signage. Call 1-844-772-7336 or email today!


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    How do you create dynamic content with a digital display? How do you gather information about the tastes and interests of those that might be viewing the display panel?

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