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“That looks soooo delicious!”

“Mmmmm, I think I’ll order that!”

“Oh my gosh, I’m so hungry now!”

The above exclamations are exactly what you’re looking for when people feast their eyes on your digital signage. Mouth-watering photos and videos combined with easy-to-digest verbiage should immediately send your customers into a “buy now” frenzy of your delicious eats. However, it’s not enough to stuff the “same old, same old” down the throats of your customers. How inventive can you be with your digital signage messaging in order to boost sales?


Showcase your menu through moving visuals.

Don’t shy away from using vibrant images and animations to showcase your signature dishes, seasonal specials and limited-time offers. Be sure to incorporate mouth-watering moving visuals and enticing descriptions to make customers’ crave the goodies on your menu.

What does your deep dish pizza look like? How does it compare to your cheese-stuffed crust option? Use videos to answer these questions. People are more likely to buy items if they see them “in action”. As well, don’t forget to highlight daily specials or exclusive promotions to create senses of urgency. It’s also important to encourage customers to try your brand new menu options.


Take advantage of touchscreen technology.

The interactive nature of your digital signage will allow customers to place their orders directly via the platform. Interactive menus give customers senses of control and convenience as they can customize their orders to their preferences. This innovative approach streamlines the ordering process, reduces wait times and increases customer satisfaction. Consider incorporating features like suggested pairings, nutritional information and allergen warnings to help customers make informed choices.

“Much like online ordering and the software that powers it, (touch-screen ordering) can help ensure order accuracy, as the customer enters their order into the system personally and reviews the order before finalizing it,” explains We Sell Restaurants co-founder, Robin Gagnon on, “These kiosks can also suggest new menu items to repeat customers based on previous orders.”


Integrate your restaurant’s social media feeds.

What is the latest message you’ve sent out on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter? Let everyone know by showcasing it on your digital signage. It’s also a great idea to highlight user-generated content and customer testimonials in real-time. Displaying positive reviews, food photos and engaging social media posts can create a buzz and encourage customers to share their own experiences online.

Be sure to offer incentives for customers to post about their dining experiences at your eatery. Use designated hashtags to foster an interactive and engaging atmosphere both in-person and online.


Reward customer loyalty.

Create a visually appealing digital loyalty program. Use your digital signage to promote the benefits and rewards of being a loyal customer. Encourage customers to sign up by offering exclusive discounts or freebies for loyalty program members. Display real-time progress updates, showcasing how close customers are to unlocking their next rewards. This not only increases customer retention but also incentivizes repeat visits and higher spending.


Promote upcoming events.

Use your digital signage to promote upcoming events, live performances or themed nights at your restaurant. Display visually captivating graphics or short video clips that showcase the atmosphere and excitement of these events. Include details like dates, times and any special offers associated with the events. Your digital signage should let customers know that there is always something exciting happening at your establishment!

In FSR Magazine, Michael Ferrer notes that digital signage is a powerful tool for promoting special occasions at restaurants. He cites Valentine’s Day as an example. “Restaurants can highlight festive drinks and promote special appetizers with Valentine-themed visual cues – photos of chocolates, sparkling champagne toasts, etc.,” he writes.


Incorporate tableside ordering and payment systems.

Allow customers to browse your menu, place their orders and even pay their bills directly from their tables using a user-friendly interface. This not only improves efficiency but also frees up your staff to focus on providing exceptional customer service. Customers will appreciate the seamless experience. They may be more inclined to order additional items or desserts when the process is hassle-free.


Gather valuable feedback from your customers.

Display interactive surveys or feedback forms that customers can complete during their visits. This provides a platform for customers to share their opinions and suggestions. It also allows you to make informed decisions and continuously improve your offerings. Encourage participation by offering incentives such as discounts or freebies for completing the surveys, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.


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