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Why health and safety equipment company
International Safety uses digital signage



Use Case

In-Store Signage


International Safety works hard to find the most advanced safety solutions from the world’s top-level manufacturers. But, with a huge health and safety equipment offering, they were finding it difficult to showcase their products in a clear, effective way.

Digital signage for showrooms and manufacturing


To help International Safety better promote their products, Screenfluece offered them an easy-to-update solution that can regularly feature new products in digital signage. 

We placed showroom displays at various key spots to highlight the wide variety of health and safety equipment on offer.

We also wanted to utilize digital signage as an educational tool, so we integrated safety and instructional videos in the display playlists to help enhance customer experience.

International Safety now seamlessly runs a large network of displays across their showroom – all remotely from one location.

Digital signage for PPE, health and safety equipment sellers

Digital Signage Benefits for Essential Retailers

Make More Products Available to Display

Increase Purchasing Decisions

Showcase Products Use Cases

International Safety is a privately owned Canadian company that specializes in the distribution of health and safety equipment.

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