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Digital Signage for
Bars and Breweries

Steam Whistle Brewing blows away their customers with digital signage


Drinks and Alcoholic Beverages 

Use Case

Digital In-Store Signage Promotional Display Boards


Steam Whistle wanted to improve the on-site digital experience at their prime brewing location in the heart of downtown Toronto, as well as reduce marketing costs.

Digital signage for food service and retail


Because Steam Whistle’s brewery doubles as a restaurant and bar, they seeked a digital signage platform that can fulfill different business needs simultaneously, while saving time and money.

Screenfluence helped them transform the customer experience by integrating engaging digital signage on-site, instead of just using printed flyers and traditional television.

Steam Whistle now uses their displays to provide information on upcoming special events and current promotions. They use our easy-to-update digital signage platform to showcase their wide variety of products as well as entertain and inform their patrons.

In working with Steam Whistle, we have successfully created the ideal environment to learn about their brewery and enjoy a cold, refreshing beer.

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Digital Signage Benefits for Bars and Breweries

Captivate and entertain your customers

Boost up sales with promotions

Save time and money on marketing

Steam Whistle Brewing is one of Canada’s largest independent breweries. It stands apart from larger, industrial breweries through its commitment to brewing pilsner the way its been made for centuries, without any shortcuts, chemicals or fillers.

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