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As a clothing retailer, style and fashion is your thing! Naturally, your store is one that needs to be captivating. A certain energy must permeate throughout each section of the shop in order to invigorate your customers to try on different pieces and make bold fashion statements. Note – there is a certain way to exude your brand’s unique style that shouldn’t be missed!

Combining the power of visual appeal and interactivity, digital signage has the potential to skyrocket brand awareness and drive sales. How can clothing retailers leverage digital signage and revolutionize their marketing efforts?


Make your storefront sizzle.

As you know, first impressions are everything. Are you captivating your visitors the second they approach your place of business? Remember that your storefront is your fashion brand’s first opportunity to make a statement and attract potential customers. Replace traditional static displays with eye-catching digital signage to create an immersive experience. Utilize vibrant images, videos and animations to showcase your latest collections or promotions.

By updating your digital signage regularly, you can keep customers intrigued, making them eager to step inside and explore further.


Set up interactive fitting room mirrors.

Transform the fitting room experience by integrating digital signage into the mirrors. Implement interactive mirrors that allow customers to virtually try on different outfits, experiment with colours and patterns, and even share their looks on social media. This immersive and personalized experience will not only boost customer engagement but it will also enhance convenience and encourages sales conversions.

On, Elise Dopson explain

s that this example of augmented reality (AR) or artificial intelligence (AI) technology places items over live imaging of customers. That way, they can check the sizes, styles and fits of products they’re thinking of buying. “It’s predicted that the global virtual fitting room market will grow from $4.03 billion in 2022 to $14.87 billion by 2029,” she informs, “That’s a compound annual growth rate of 13.44%.”

Integrate social media.

Honestly, have you located any list of business tips that doesn’t include the use of social media? In today’s world, if you’re not actively communicating with the public online, you practically don’t exist! Be sure to leverage the power of social media by incorporating live feeds and user-generated content into your digital signage displays. Display real-time Instagram posts that prominently feature your brand’s unique hashtags.

Also, be sure to encourage customers to share their experiences by offering them incentives. This not only generates user-generated content for your brand but it also builds an online community and boosts brand advocacy. By intertwining the physical and digital realms, you can create a buzz around your brand and encourage customers to actively participate.


Display in-store promotions and plug upcoming events.

The beauty of digital signage is that it can very easily be changed to communicate your most recent messages. As a result, it serves as an excellent platform to promote in-store events, flash sales or exclusive offers. Strategically place your high-resolution screens throughout your clothing store. Use them to showcase time-limited deals, fashion shows or VIP shopping experiences.

“Customers can be engaged by digital signage to promote certain products or services,” Retail Insider Media Ltd. reminds us, “This can be particularly effective in retail stores, as customers are more likely to remember a product if it was advertised through digital signage.”


Introduce virtual personal shoppers.

Install interactive screens or kiosks where customers can answer a few questions about their style preferences, body types and occasions. Based on their input, your digital signage can suggest personalized outfit combinations, complete with accessories and styling tips. This innovative approach enhances customer experiences, making your visitors feel valued and understood.

Use your digital displays to guide your customers to the specific store sections where they can find their curated looks. However, don’t forget to incorporate links so that customers can purchase their recommended items online.


Enable gamification and host contests.

Why not transform your store into an interactive playground? You can do that by gamifying the shopping experience! Incorporate digital signage displays that offer games, quizzes or contests related to fashion and your brand. Customers can participate while waiting in line or exploring the store.

Offer incentives such as discounts, freebies or loyalty points as prizes to encourage participation. This gamification strategy not only keeps customers entertained but it also helps gather valuable customer data and builds a sense of excitement and loyalty.

For information about how Screenfluence can help you to style your clothing store with uniquely designed digital signage, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 1-844-772-7336 or emailing


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