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Never underestimate the importance of a crystal clear image. Displaying your company’s messages on a subpar TV screen brings down the quality and effectiveness of your communication. In 2021, it should go without saying that all of your TV screens and monitors must be of the high definition variety. Do they even sell non-HD TVs anymore?

Shopping for the best TV screens and monitors for digital signage isn’t the easiest task. You have a myriad of options on the market to choose from. With so many brands and designs, which are the best? We can offer you some help with that!

Whether you’re starting to look into digital signage or are updating your existing hardware, we’ve rounded up the top 7 TV screens for digital signage in 2021 to help you with your hardware selection.

The 7 best TV screens and monitors for digital signage

1. The 50” TCL 6-Series 4K Ultra HD Smart LED

Best for Affordable Displays

One of Amazon’s best-selling television screens, this high-quality set is also one of the most affordable smart TVs on the market. This 50” TCL 4K LED TV is designed with a slim 3.2 inch screen which is equipped with Ultra HD 4K HDR picture quality and LED backlighting. It provides crisp and vibrant colour. The 50-inch screen size is ideal since you don’t want to go any smaller than 48 inches when selecting a monitor for your digital signage so it’s legible.

Why we picked it: An affordable digital signage display option, with three HDMI ports and 4K UHD native resolution with Dolby Vision HDR.

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2. The 43” Insignia NS-43DF710NA19

Best for Digital Signage Beginners

A great budget model this Insignia TV features true-to-life 4K Ultra HD and wide viewing angles for stunning clarity, deep contrast, and vivid colors no matter where you’re standing. Not only does it offer beautiful visuals, but this digital signage display also is smart and simple, including Voice Remote with Alexa, 3 HDMI ports and 1 USB input. It has size options running up to 55” so it can also scale to a range of spaces.

Why we picked it: Perfect for those starting out with digital signage, this screen combines affordability, performance, picture quality and ease-of-use in one display.

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3. The 55” Sony Bravia X750F LED

Best for Energy-efficiency

You can’t go wrong with the 55” Sony Bravia X750F LED TV. This all-in-one TV is equipped with a massive selection of apps. Along with its impeccable picture quality, it features Android TV technology including voice interaction through Google Assistant. It’s also a great digital signage display selection because it has a power saving mode which helps reduce energy usage by adjusting display brightness.

Why we picked it: A power-saving digital signage display that helps you cut costs without compromising on quality or technology.

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4. The 55” Philips P-Line Display 55BDL3010Q

Best for Heavy-duty Industries

This 55-inch Philips commercial display is specially designed for signage solutions. It offers Ultra HD 4K resolution, a three-year warranty and RS-232 and multiple HDMI ports. One of its most alluring features is the fact that you can leave this monitor on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it won’t overheat. Another highlight is its FailOver feature that lets you screen switch automatically between a list of alternate inputs to ensure your content is always up and running.

Why we picked it: Constructed with sturdy and reliable components, this digital signage display is perfect for heavy-duty environments like warehouses and production lines.

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5. The 55” Samsung PM-H Series Commercial LED

Best for Always-On Displays

The 55” Samsung PM-H Series Commercial LED provides a 1080p Full HD display. Built for 24/7 usage, this powerful model gives you excellent connectivity and amazing picture quality. One of its top features is its 60 Hz refresh rate which helps to smooth out fast-moving video images. The display’s immense brightness will help your digital signage messages to be seen clearly - even in daylight.

Why we picked it: Powerful performance and simple usability combined in this screen makes it a top contender for digital signage displays.

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6. The 70” Sharp 4T-B70CJ1U

Best for Big Displays in High-Traffic Areas

If you’re of the “go big or go home” mindset, the 70” Sharp 4T-B70CJ1U is for you. You can make quite an impact with this television’s crisp Ultra HD 4K resolution. Featuring a streamlined design, wide viewing angles and automatic on/off feature, this screen gives your content a big-screen boost. In addition, this TV comes with powerful 10 watt speakers and two HDMI inputs to satisfy multiple HD sources.

Why we picked it: A feature-packed business screen that boasts an easy multi-screen installation process and vivid picture experience, perfect for digital signage.

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7. The 43” BenQ ST430K 4K

Best for Comprehensive Smart Solutions

A more affordable large format commercial display, this BenQ screen offers a well-rounded package suitable for businesses and corporates looking for digital signage solutions. Complete with an ultra-sharp 4K resolution, a streamlined slim design and powerful performance, this screen can also work in landscape and portrait mode to fit in your space however you like.

Why we picked it: An all-in-one smart digital signage screen choice for everyone, from small business to big enterprises.

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Finding the Best TV Screen for Your Digital Signage Display

When deciding on your digital signage display, you need to keep a few things in mind including:

  • Screen size and resolution
  • Type of TV (LCD vs LED vs OLED vs Plasma)
  • Class of TV (Commercial vs Consumer)
  • Required TV ports
  • Display design and aesthetics
  • Brand
  • Price
  • Warranties

Most importantly, you need to consider your audience so you can best pick the TV screens that maximize the impact of your digital signage. Thinking about how far your audience will be from the screen, where the screen will be placed, and what kind of content will be displayed will help you narrow down your choices and make more strategic decisions about your TV screen selection.

After selecting your displays, it’s time to find the best digital signage software to bring those screens to life. Screenfluence’s cloud-based digital signage platform is intuitive, reliable and customizable to whatever your application may be. Discover our solutions today.

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