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In a world where imagination knows no bounds and playtime is a thrilling adventure, nothing should be dull and drab. Indoor playground facilities offer a haven of fun for kids and momentary escapes for parents. This is why such businesses should incorporate colourful and vibrant messages throughout their facilities. To truly elevate customer experiences and captivate visitors, indoor playgrounds should harness the power of digital signage.

Are you ready to revolutionize your indoor playground business? What can you do to turn it into an immersive wonderland that boosts sales and invigorates excitement in guests?


Display welcoming messages.

First impressions matter. A visually appealing entrance sets the tone for a memorable experience. Utilize digital signage at the entrance to showcase welcoming messages complete with vibrant animations and captivating visuals. Use colourful images of children playing, enticing snippets of upcoming events or special offers to captivate visitors from the moment they step inside.

“Welcome signs…create a positive first impression and help visitors feel more at ease when they arrive at your business,” says Calgary’s Imagination Design Studios, “A well-designed welcome sign can communicate important messages about the business’s brand, such as its personality, values and the products or services it offers. This can help to establish a brand identity that customers can connect with.”


Highlight the unique features of your play areas.

Certainly, each play area within your facility has its own charm and appeal. Use digital signage to showcase the unique features and activities in different zones. Display vibrant images, videos and even testimonials from happy kids and parents to highlight the fun and engaging experiences awaiting guests. This not only increases anticipation but also encourages repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.


Offer wayfinding solutions.

Navigating through a labyrinth of play areas can sometimes be overwhelming. Implement interactive digital signage screens to help your guests find their ways throughout your facility. Strategically place your digital signage all over your indoor playground. Be sure to provide plenty of clear wayfinding instructions to help your visitors find their desired play zones effortlessly.

Incorporate interactive maps, animated arrows and engaging graphics to make the journey enjoyable for both kids and parents. “Wayfinding signs can help visitors orient themselves and find their way around your business, reducing the risk of them getting lost or feeling frustrated,” notes Imagination Design Studios, “They will also feel empowered as they will be able to find what they are looking for without having to ask for assistance.”


Promote your upcoming events.

How can you transform your indoor playground into an even bigger hub of excitement? Promote its upcoming events using dynamic digital signage! Advertise themed parties, character appearances or special workshops to generate buzz and increase attendance. With attention-grabbing visuals, countdown timers and enticing event details, digital signage becomes a valuable tool to pique interest and boost sales during special occasions.


Integrate your social media feeds.

It’s no secret, of course, that social media play a significant role in shaping brand perception and driving engagement. Why not display your live social media feeds on your digital signage? Showcasing user-generated content and reviews from visitors is a great way to highlight just how fun it is to visit your indoor playground.

Encourage guests to share their experiences using a designated hashtag. Feature their posts on the digital screens to generate some “look, it’s our tweet!” excitement at your place of business. This will foster a sense of community, generate plenty of user-generated content and provide real-time social proof of the joyous atmosphere within your indoor playground.


Showcase your promotional offers.

Entice visitors to make additional purchases by displaying intriguing promotional offers. Strategically place your digital signage screens near waiting areas and snack counters. Showcase exclusive discounts, combo deals or limited-time offers to tempt both kids and parents. The dynamic nature of digital signage allows for easy updates, ensuring that the latest promotions are always in the spotlight.

As Toronto’s Retail Insider Media Ltd. reminds us, “one of the key benefits of digital signage is the ability to provide customers with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.”


Provide safety and educational tips.

While fun and play are the main focus, your indoor playground should also prioritize safety and learning. Utilize your digital signage to display safety guidelines, hygiene reminders and educational tips for parents and children. Incorporate engaging animations, simple instructions and colourful visuals to capture attention and reinforce essential information. This not only creates a safe environment but also positions your facility as a place that values education and well-being.

Get Screenfluence to help you utilize your digital signage to transform your playground into an engaging wonderland! Call us at 1-844-772-7336 or email us at today!


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