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It can be argued that there has never been a more important time in our history than now to utilize digital signage. With “safety first” on everyone’s minds, due to the coronavirus pandemic, offering health and safety reminders cannot be done enough. As the owner and/or manager of a condominium, you have the extremely important responsibility of keeping all of the residents and employees in your building safe.

In addition, providing some peace of mind is currently a vital part of your job. With digital signage displayed in the lobby, common area and/or elevators of your condominium, you can do a lot to both lift spirits and keep people virus-free.

Here are four tips for updating digital signage with coronavirus announcements in condos:

  1. Relay the protective measures your condominium is taking.

The people who live in your condo need to be informed of the steps property management is taking to keep them safe. In condominiums all throughout Ontario, steps are being taken to thoroughly disinfect common areas, elevators and even the hallways of each floor.

As Jason Reid of REMI Network explains, increasing the cleaning of touch points is one of the most basic steps to follow. “These are points within a common area that are handled or touched frequently; for example, lobby door handles and elevator buttons,” he explains, “Cleaning staff should spend additional time and care ensuring these areas are sanitized several times a day.”

Be sure to use your condo’s digital signage to inform all residents of each of the cleaning steps that have been taken in the building each day. It will go a long way in providing peace of mind.

  1. Request immediate notifications of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

This update couldn’t be more important. No matter how many precautions the residents of your building take, there is always the possibility that someone could contract the coronavirus. For the safety of every single resident and employee in your building, it’s vital that you receive reports about positive COVID-19 cases.

Use your digital signage to regularly display the phone numbers and email addresses of property management. Flash regular reminders to everyone in your condo that those modes of communication are to be used to immediately report any confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the building.

It’s your duty to then inform all residents and employees of any cases (anonymously – the infected parties need not be identified) via email to keep the entire condo community in the know.

  1. Regularly flash hand washing tips.

At this point, it may seem silly to have to remind anyone to wash their hands. But we are living in unprecedented times. As mentioned, no precaution can be relayed too often. Because the coronavirus can be contracted by touching the same surfaces as infected individuals, it’s incredibly important to wash your hands regularly.

Display visuals of hand washing routines that clearly demonstrate the rights ways in which to carry out the process. Ideally, people should be using warm water and soap and washing for, at least, 20 seconds.

We put together some useful coronavirus digital signage templates in our previous blog. Make sure to check it out and feel free to use the hand-washing reminders for your screens!

  1. Remind people of how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In addition to hand washing, there are many other steps to take in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To reiterate, these precautionary measures cannot be communicated enough.

Utilize the digital signage in your condo to remind viewers to avoid touching their faces; to avoid close contact with people who are ill; to stay home if they are ill and to cover their coughs and sneezes with tissue (which should be immediately thrown out) or their inner elbows when no tissues are available.

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