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These are trying times. The coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we know it. Although our health and safety should always be top priorities, it can be argued that there’s never been a more important time than now to remember that. Our hospitals are busier than ever thanks to COVID-19. So, it can also be argued that a hospital’s use of digital signage has never been more vital.

Digital signage can help to diminish the confusion that often comes with an increase in visitors. By helping to reduce fear and worry, hospital digital signage can vastly improve the patient experience.

Offer wayfinding solutions.

There are few things more fear-inducing than being lost. Most hospitals are big places. So when visitors enter the front doors and are met with a litany of different routes to different locations, it can create a lot of anxiety. By having digital signage immediately visible upon entry, it can help to quickly ease the tension that often comes with hospital visits. Display maps and directories to help people navigate through the facility’s hallways and units. This will save both patients and staff members a lot of time and frustration.

Display tips for staying safe.

While this is a productive way to use digital signage at all times, the current COVID-19 crisis calls upon us all to remind each other about staying safe methods. There’s no such thing as advising people “too often” about their needs to wash their hands, use hand sanitizer and cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing. In addition, your hospital’s digital signage should also post reminders of screenings, vaccines and other health and safety tips.

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Flash necessary alerts.

Is there construction taking place on hospital grounds? Does an announcement need to be made about an emergency situation? Where are the nearest exits in the event of a fire? Displaying information that answers these and other questions will help to enlighten patients of where they can and cannot go when visiting. Just as importantly, it helps visitors to feel safe in the event of an unexpected incident.

Provide updates about patients.

In many cases, patients who are undergoing surgery are accompanied by friends or family members. When loved ones are waiting for news about patients’ surgeries, it’s reassuring for them to receive constant updates. Digital signage in waiting rooms is often used to provide such updates as the progress of surgeries and the post-op locations of the patients. Being “in the know” is a great way to keep people calm and relaxed.

Set a calming tone.

Digital signage can be utilized to do a lot more than simply display images. It can also screen videos complete with sound. Use your digital signage to show videos that depict the beauty of nature. A soothing stream, a picturesque horizon, a flowing waterfall – these sights and their sounds can go a long way in promoting a very relaxing atmosphere in your waiting rooms.

Present your cafeteria menus.

The only thing more aggravating than waiting for long periods of time is doing so hungry! Where is the cafeteria? What food items does it have for sale? What will it cost to go and grab a bite? Answer these questions through digital signage to put your visitors’ minds – and stomachs – at ease.

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