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With all of the marketing and promotion tools available, it seems like digital signage should be a simple solution. And yet, sometimes business owners struggle with finding the right solution for their retail digital signage needs.


Digital signage is the ultimate marriage of simplicity and hi-tech. It allows for infinite customization, and the costs are shockingly low. Still, many business owners find themselves scratching their heads over the technology. Perhaps they’ve tried a DS service and don’t feel it’s working well as well as they’d hoped. Or maybe they are thinking about it but are hesitant to take the plunge.
There are a few reasons why retail digital signage might seem confusing, and a few simple explanations why it doesn’t have to be.

Large Providers Often Oversell and Under Deliver

Signs are supposed to drive a customer to action without saying a word. Unfortunately, some larger sign providers are charging a premium for even basic signage. As a result, the expectations run high. Some businesses think they’ve basically purchased a digital salesperson, and they quickly get frustrated that sales aren’t going through the roof after they’ve spent a lot of money.

Photo by Lily Lvnatikk / Unsplash

In many cases that sign is performing just as well as it should be, but the company that they bought it from is charging way too much for it. This is especially true when purchasing through a major corporation like LG or Samsung; these companies are tech experts first, and DS providers second.

In these cases, DS service is often sold as an add-on to a larger, more expensive purchase such as a high-priced television. Sometimes, larger providers will even overly complicate the process, leading business owners to believe that the service itself is extremely complex and therefore must be expensive.

You’re Paying Too Much for the Wrong Thing

The true cost of digital signage software is quite low, however the additional costs that come from larger providers can really drive that price tag up. In fact, the vast majority of digital signage costs comes from the screen itself which is often one, or more, large, hi-definition televisions.

As long as a TV set has the right specifications, you usually don’t have to buy it from the provider, nor do you have to buy the super expensive one they “suggest.” Sometimes, larger providers will “bake in” the cost of their expensive television to your initial setup fees, or even your ongoing monthly service charge.

This also leads to the perception that retail digital signage must be a complicated and costly service. Sure, if you intend on creating a wall of flat screen televisions you can expect to pay through the nose for it. However, the bulk of that cost is going to come from the televisions themselves and not the digital signage service itself. In most cases, any relatively modern television or display screen with an HD connection will work just fine.

You’re Rushing the Process

Finding the perfect DS for your business should be a fairly easy process. But with smaller business owners, many think that time always equals money. To a degree, they’re right; just not in the way that they think.

Choosing a digital signage provider should be treated as a major decision, just as you would a brand new computer or vehicle. Too many owners agree to the first company they find, or go with a “trusted” brand-name corporation. As we discussed earlier, that doesn’t always translate to savings, or quality service.

A smart decision is an informed decision. Providers will vary, as will the services they offer. Explore your options and ask questions regarding installation, costs, or additional features.

Digital Signage is an Investment: Treat it Like One

Digital signage adds a class, hi-tech element to your in-store marketing and promotional efforts. With relative ease you can showcase new products, announce current or upcoming promotions, or simply broadcast an eye-catching advertisement designed to bring those customers through your door.
The phrase itself, “digital signage” can be intimidating. However, when you get down to the heart of the matter, digital signage is no more complicated than other forms of in-store marketing. It may seem confusing, but the truth is it doesn’t have to be.

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