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If you are a university educator, your primary responsibilities include nurturing young minds, providing guidance and committing to teaching your curriculum as best you can. If you are a university administrator, your top objectives include providing students and faculty with important information and updates concerning the campus and all of its goings-on. Using digital signage, it can be argued, is the best way to do just that.

Emergency alerts, upcoming campus events, new cafeteria menus, building locations, rescheduled lecture times and even highlights of a recent school football game – the list goes on and on with respect to how you can utilize digital signage at your university. But just how beneficial is the use of digital signs on your campus?

Here are three benefits of university digital signage:

1. It keeps everyone on campus updated with important information.

Both students and staff alike are inundated with a myriad of responsibilities on a daily basis. Giving everyone a helping hand by passing along useful information about on-campus developments will take a lot of weight off their shoulders. As an NEC white paper offers as an example, posting the last day to add or drop a course without a penalty on a digital sign near the student services office is incredibly helpful. 

“In the areas adjacent to the gym, it can announce sign-ups for intramural teams and results from recent tournaments, post instructions on how to sign up for a court and provide special facility hours and trainer availability times,” adds NEC, “In the campus cafeteria or food court, digital signage can be used to post today’s menu, advertise overstocked items and offer nutritional information.”

2. It is a big-time money saver.

By using a unified digital signage system, you can avoid the hassle and the costs associated with using various platforms to send messages throughout the school. Consider the amount of time, energy, effort and money that goes into manufacturing physical signs, posting them, having to eventually take them down and then redesigning and printing new ones. One digital signage system greatly reduces both physical labour and monetary costs for production, and it’s easy to find out a dollar amount. 

In addition, as assistant vice president of government solutions at Hughes Network Systems, Llc., Tony Bardo notes on, the deployment of a digital signage system is now more cost-efficient than ever. “With SmartTVs, all that is needed to install the screens is a mount, power outlet and internet connection,” he informs, “This easy-install approach allows schools to save on installation costs by deploying the system through their facility and IT teams if they are in a position to do so.”

3. It minimizes miscommunication and inconsistencies.

If your math department uses a different signage network than that of your athletic department, the delivery of crossed-up messages is imminent. It’s no different than playing a game of broken telephone. While each department may have its own unique messages to send, it’s vital that your entire school uses a singular digital signage platform. Doing so will offer a more widespread and consistent method of communication.

According to Bardo, “colleges and universities that make the investment in a single, trusted, campus-wide digital signage platform find they can streamline critical information delivery, reduce costs and continuously deploy the latest technology and upgrades in an easy and calculated manner.”

For information about how Screenfluence can help you to benefit from using digital signage on your university campus, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 1-844-772-7336 or emailing

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