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With today’s technology, people have a myriad of ways to communicate with each other. Email, text messaging, social media accounts and messaging apps only begin the long list of ways we can all stay connected. Tech-savvy business managers are hip to how modern technology can improve communication. As a result, they are using digital signage at their places of work. It’s an innovative and exciting way to engage coworkers.

Tell your brand’s story

How did your company begin? Who founded it? What inspired the founder to start the business? These interesting tidbits can both familiarize employees with the corporation they work for and foster greater pride in the “family” they are part of. Storytelling is an excellent use of digital signage. Share the vision of your company through a variety of photos and descriptions of how it went from being an upstart to the entity it is today.

According to ViewSonic, “internal brand storytelling is just as important as external marketing, and digital signage can help here, too. Storytelling is a way to improve employee engagement. It’s also a way to strengthen your brand from the inside out. People who believe in the vision and the mission of the company where they work are more likely to ‘share the love’ with customers, vendors, and anyone they come into contact.”

Highlight employee accomplishments

Showcase your employees of the month, acknowledge milestones in the careers of your team members and even congratulate workers on new additions to their families. These steps are excellent ways to get employees to know each other better. But, more importantly, they inspire greater senses of pride in working for your corporation.

Most employees cite recognition programs as having greater value than pay increases when it comes to their job satisfaction. Using your digital signage to spotlight your employees is a great way to lead a team towards success.

Create a company hashtag initiative

It works for social media. There’s no reason it won’t work for your corporation. Display screens that highlight various hashtags that speak to your company culture. Have fun with this! Anything from #ILoveMondays to #CoffeeBreak will suffice. Encourage your employees to post selfies and/or group shots to their social media accounts using these hashtags so that you can find them and showcase them through your digital signage.

The team bonding aspect of this initiative will become very apparent in no time. Activities that encourage employee interaction will go a long way in improving your company culture.

Encourage employee feedback

Effective communicating requires a back and forth dialogue. The impact of your digital signage is significantly improved when employees are able to respond to your messages and have those responses displayed. Don’t simply make your screens all about your messages to your team. Make them about your team’s messages to each other. Encourage employee feedback, implement changes based on it and showcase those changes!

“Digital signage also opens up the road to two-way communication and interactivity,” writes Bradley Cooper on, “For example, employees could submit accolades for colleagues or submit suggestions to increase productivity. This feedback could then be integrated as content into the displays.”

Communicate reminders of company goals

Not every goal of your company can be communicated through a meeting. After all, you don’t hold staff meetings every day, do you? Depending on the size of your corporation, you may not even have the opportunity to address all of your staff members more than once a month.

Your digital signage, on the other hand, has the ability to remind your workers of the company’s goals on a daily basis. We’re hard-pressed to find a better way to keep everyone on the proverbial same page than to regularly flash your corporation’s mission statement on its digital signage.

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