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COVID-19 Safety Tips

This digital sign includes basic safety tips as well as symptom reminders. It’s great for use on the screens in hospitals, supermarkets and residential building elevators.

Proper Handwashing Reminder

This handwashing technique reminder is a perfect sign to display in your warehouses and take-out restaurants. It would also be a great addition to clinic screens as well as residential building lobbies.

Social Distancing Sign

It’s vital for customers in grocery stores and supermarkets to maintain a distance of 2 meters (6 ft.). This digital sign is a great reminder for your shoppers.

COVID-19 Prevention Tips

From hand sanitizers to using a mask, this prevention digital sign reminds people about the importance of an individual’s role in helping contain the virus.

Mask Required On Premise

With most businesses needing to enforce mask wearing in their stores and offices, having this on display will help remind people to wear a mask.

COVID-19 Safety Rules

Break down the 4 most important rulesto keep people safe within your place of business.

Hand Washing Procedure

Looking for a more colourful hand washing reminder? Display this in common rooms as a friendly reminder to everyone to wash their hands!

6 Feet Apart

Remind employees within your workspace to keep a safe distance even when at their desks.

Menu Item Feature

Feature a hot item on your menu with this editable powerpoint template for your restaurant digital signage.

Panel / Team Introduction

Hosting an event or looking to highlight new hires? This PPT template will let you get those faces up on your screens in minutes.

HR Event Announcement

This editable Powerpoint template is great for announcing events or displaying important upcoming meetings.

Employee Rewards

Use this editable Powerpoint template to feature new employees, celebrate the accomplishments of a team member, or introduce a speaker.

Online Event Announcement

Gain traction for your upcoming virtual event with this editable Powerpoint digital signage template for event announcements.

Manufacturing Meeting

Big quarterly manufacturing process meeting coming up? Make sure everyone knows where & when it’s taking place with this .pptx template.

Sales Goals

Quarterly meeting coming up? This editable Powerpoint template will help you showcase company goals and highlight wins.

Meeting Schedule

Display a clear schedule of daily meetings in your lobby or boardroom with this editable Powerpoint template.

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3. Play

Within a matter of minutes, the content will appear on the screens throughout your network.

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