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Lesson 3:

7 rules for creating digital content for your screens

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7 rules for creating digital content for your screens
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Full Transcript

Welcome to Screenfluence Academy

It can be hard to know where to start when designing for a digital signage screen.

No wonder so many people end up with signs that are unengaging and difficult to read.

While you don’t have to read a bunch of books to become a smart content creator, you do have to understand a few basic principals.

We’re here to break down for you the 7 simple rules of creating great content.
Practice the “less is more” approach.
While “less is more” may be considered somewhat of a cliché, it’s a very effective way to communicate messages clearly.

Keep each screen focused on one main point. Use appropriate graphics and photos to help strengthen your message.
Use easy-to-read fonts.
Don’t get too fancy.

Use bold text in order to convey emphasis instead of difficult-to-read italics.

The most highly recommended fonts for text that appears on digital displays are Arial, Helvetica, Avenir, and Futura.

Create headlines for each screen.
Think of each screen displayed on your digital signage as a page in a newspaper.

Use headlines to help capture the attention of viewers.

Get right to the point so that onlookers will be intrigued to keep their eyes on the screen.
Use contrasting colours.
No matter which colours you choose to use for the text and images on your digital signage, it’s important that they look good together.

This involves using contrasting colours.

Always opt for dark text on a light background or vice versa.

I just set a fire in my office!

Just kidding, just making sure you’re still paying attention.. No fires here.

*With enthusiasm* Moving on!
Think about your layout.
When designing your digital signage content, consider leaving enough white space around the edge of your design. This will prevent it from getting cut off when displayed.

And remember that your audience will likely read your sign from top to bottom.
Space out your text.
Remember that you’re trying to both capture and keep the attention of onlookers.

Many people utilize what is known as the “3 x 5 rule”.

Use no more than three lines of text that have five words in each line.
Don’t play two videos at once.
Last but not least, try not to make a layout faux-pas by playing two videos at once. This can be overwhelming for the viewer.

Display only one video at a time so your messages get across clearly to your customers.
And there you have it.

After learning these 7 fundamental rules, you can call yourself a smart digital signage content creator.

Now go.. go… go get creative!

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