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Lesson 6:

Using social media content for digital signage: Best practices

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Full Transcript

Welcome to Screenfluence Academy

Oh hey there…

No, I wasn’t distracted at all! I can stay focused!


Okay, okay let’s make a deal: 3 minutes of this lesson then you and I can check our Instagram!

Social media is arguably the most important part of the digital ecosystem.

It’s nice to share your own content but a good rule of thumb for digital signage is to not make it all about you. This is where user-generated content comes in handy.

Now you can share content and interact with customers through on-site digital displays at your locations where the customer is most engaged with your brand.

Now let’s dive into some best practices that you can apply, shall we?

Set up a unique, brand-specific hashtag that encourages the public to snap, record and share your products and services to their social media feed.

The hashtag will instantly grab the attention of the viewers and encourage them to engage with your campaign & brand.

I mean, think about it, how many times have you shared a photo with a brand-specific hashtag? I bet at least once!

Encouraging media sharing is a way for you to generate free, I repeat, FREE advertising by your loyal followers.

Customers will also want to post more if they know that their posts will be shown on a digital signage display to the general public.

Sharing that social content will prompt other viewers to post on your brand’s social accounts and use your product.

If you want to highlight your social media on your displays, you need to make sure you emphasize the “social” aspect.

You can’t just put your own posts or tweets on your displays and expect people to care. You need to show customer interactions.

Here are some examples:
> Showcase customer “review of the week.”
> Display customer “photo of the week.”
> Show a sense of humor by displaying the best joke someone told about your brand.
>Celebrate inspirational customer stories.
>Display customer “comment/tweet of the week.”

The key to all successful advertising is having a clear call to action.

Customers should take a look at your message and understand what they should do in response.

So if you use social media in your display, it needs to have a clear purpose.

Customers love voicing their opinions but often need prodding to do so. You could, for example, offer customers a coupon or discount code for liking or following your company’s pages.

Or you could display a message on your screen saying, “Mention this ad on your social media for a free coupon!”

With this message, you have a clear call to action in place that helps boost your bottom line.

By making it easy for your customers to share their thoughts and shining a public spotlight on it, you can gain more value-driving customer engagement and feedback.

Okay thanks you can turn that off now!
Phew, okay.

Social media is amazing, but it needs to be done correctly. Otherwise it can be a messy swamp that’s hard to crawl out of to more solid ground.

But because you’ve been watching this video, and the others of course, you are now a social media and digital signage pro. Hashtag Killing It!


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