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Lesson 9:

Digital signage content ideas for each industry: Fast Food, Education, Corporate and Retail

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Digital signage content ideas for each industry: Fast Food, Education, Corporate and Retail
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Full Transcript

Hello, good to see you again.

Do you want to build beautiful digital signage for your business? Of course you do!

But you think coming up with good content is so hard, right?

No such thing!

I’m going to give you some cool digital signage content ideas. You can use them if you run a café, a retail business, or anything in between.

If you’re still updating your chalk-board display with the “Monday Special”, well . . . let’s just say you’re way behind the eight ball.

Every restaurant or café can benefit from digital signage.

As far as content goes, some examples for you could be: ok
> Dynamic digital menus and daily specials
> Highlights of special offers/coupons or new products, and
> Customer social media interactions

Pricing can be updated much faster.

Content can be updated across several locations simultaneously.

Menus can be scheduled based on time of day (such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Perceived wait times by customers are reduced.

So the only question I have for you is, why aren’t you using digital signages in your restaurant yet?!

Digital signage on university campuses is a practical godsend for students.

Combine their heavy workloads with their hectic life schedules and you have young people who really appreciate it when things are made easy for them.

With digital signage on display throughout your university campus, you make pertinent information readily available to your institution’s attendees.

You could display things like
> up-to-date information about school events and schedules
> maps and wayfinding solutions
> photos, videos and literature excerpts for learning purposes
> interesting news, facts or even memes
> internships or scholarships you may be offering

Guess what your office needs?

NO! Not a popcorn machine.

Okay, yes, but next to that, it needs digital signage!

Trust me! Here’s how corporate digital signage can be used to enhance any workplace:
> Recognizing top performers or new hires, this is the perfect way to increase morale and ensure openness within your organization
> Advertising job postings
> Showing emergency exits and safety procedures
> Announcing corporate events or after work parties
> Displaying productivity metrics and daily results

Research shows that a good point-of-purchase is key to capturing customer attention and driving greater revenue.

For retailers like you, having digital signage screens at the checkout and in carefully selected locations throughout the rest of the store can get you great results.

Don’t know what to display on them? I got you! You could show:
> Product ad campaigns
> In-store offers & promotions
> Membership program highlights
> QR Codes, whether they’re sending customers to your website, a survey, or your catalogue
> Wayfinding and store information

So, now that I gave you all these amazing content ideas, you have no excuse anymore to not get out there and have the most amazing digital signage in your business!

With this kind of content you will take your digital signage to the next level, I promise!


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