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Lesson 1:

How to create a digital signage content strategy

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How to create a digital signage content strategy
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Full Transcript

Welcome to Screenfluence Academy

If you’re watching this, you must be at least a little curious about digital signage content management.

Well, this course will teach you the basics of digital signage so you can create awesome displays that convert leads, increase sales, and get your message across.

Let’s get started.

Think of all the marketing messaging around you. In your local bar, at the gym, at the bank, even at your office.

Now can you remember what you were reading? I’ll give you a second here.
That’s what I thought. The reason so many are forgettable is because they are showing generic, static content that could be dynamic and capable of striking a connection.

Like a news segment. Or local weather forecasts.

They are not engaging customers or helping the business grow.

What those displays lack is a solid strategy.

Strategy is what makes your digital signage fulfil your business goals.

Such as upselling your products and services

Improving employee productivity,

Or promoting your latest sale.
So how do you put a strategy together?

You start with a goal. Without a clear goal, your digital signage becomes another boring TV screen.

Ask yourself: “What do I want to accomplish?” Common digital signage goals could be to:

1. Increase web traffic

2. Sell more products

3. Increase signups to an event


4. Gain more social media followers

Some goals aren’t as quantifiable. These include:

1. Improving employee morale,

2. Making it easier to navigate buildings,

3. Sharing company-wide news

4. Demonstrating employee policies in a clear and effective way,

5. Increasing brand awareness,

6. Announcing new products,


7. Providing a better in-store customer experience

But how do you know how successful your strategy is?

Turns out, it’s pretty simple. Simply pick a Key Performance Indicator (or a KPI) and measure it on an ongoing basis.

It could be the ice cream sales count, dollars earned, follower count on social media, or even website visitors.

Just display a unique URL, promo code, QR code, or call to action and see what results they bring in.

For less quantifiable goals, a Return on Objective can help you measure who takes a desired action or behavior.

For example, people’s engagement with company polls can signal where you’re at with employee morale.

Now that you know what you want to achieve, it’s time to decide what you’re going to display, and when.

You can start by brainstorming content ideas and putting them into loops.

A great digital signage loop is tailored to a specific audience.

Rule of thumb? Your content should be relevant and interesting to your audience at any given moment.
We’ll learn more about content and loops in our next lesson.

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